Our Family

Good Life Great Danes is a family owned business is run, you guess it, by a family. Let us introduce ourselves! Youngest to oldest our family members are: Warren, Luke, Jacob, Emily, Elise, and Les.

Good Life Great Danes has been a family effort from day one. Our sweet Penny came to live with us in the fall of 2019 and it didn’t take long before we knew she would be our first mama. 

Each of the children has had a special connection to the process of whelping and caring for our puppies. Emily was actually the one who saw the first puppy born! (THAT is a fun story!)  Emily helped through the entire process of bringing the puppies into the world. She also volunteered and happily gave all the puppy baths for the entire 8 weeks they lived with us! Jacob and Luke seem to have an uncommon knack for connecting to each dog. I can always count on them to get the puppies in and out of the house safely, play with them in the outside pen and make sure the early neurological stimulation is getting done. From day one Warren preferred to spend every extra minute he had snuggling a puppy. Sometimes several at a time! 

Emily as the oldest and the only girl absolutely loves having her own room. She is a fantastic singer, enjoys Musical Theater and is often found lost in a book. Jacob excels in academics, loves to read everything and enjoys playing basketball on his school’s team. Luke is an accomplished artist, lives and breaths to play baseball, and is musically talented as well. Warren enjoys swimming, spending time with friends and has a very good sense of humor!

Les grew up in a family of all boys. With six brothers (yes you read that correctly) there was never a dull moment! All through his youth Les was a very successful soccer player. After high school he served a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Argentina. After his mission he worked diligently to put himself through college to become a registered nurse. Les has had many adventures as a nurse! If you get a chance, ask him what it was like working in Iraq for a year. After 15 years working in various positions as a nurse he went back to school yet again to earn the title Family Nurse Practitioner. He currently works full time as a Nurse Practitioner for Revere Health in Provo, Utah. 

Elise was raised as a performer. Seriously! Her family began performing around the time Elise turned 2. By the time she was 9 the family was professionally performing all over the United States. Each summer from the time she was 9 – 18 years old the family traveled all across the country performing at state and county fairs. She continued on the performance track and as a student at Brigham Young University majored in Music Dance Theater and was privileged to perform with The Young Ambassadors. Currently, Elise doesn’t perform anymore and is (mostly) a stay at home mom. During the ten years spent in Colorado she was either pregnant or nursing…this is only a slight exaggeration! All four children were born within a six-year time period. These years were busy and exhausting! In addition to running a breeding business, Elise is also a successful stylist with Color Street, and wears ALL the hats included in the life of a busy mom!

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